perjantai 20. marraskuuta 2015

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When decorating our homes one thing leads to another, as we all know. This is what happened in my kitchen. I had a String shelf on the wall, but desperately needed more space for my recipes, kitchen stuff and of course for my plants. When thinking about this case all of a sudden I remembered I had a perfect shelf which was left from my home office. So it happened that this shelf moved in, and the String is waiting for another place in the kitchen.

Now I have the cookbooks, food magazines and other recipes in hand which I'm using at the moment. Perfect! My dream is to have a couch in the kitchen where I can plan my feasts whilst sipping a delicious drink :) Maybe someday... But back to the shelf as this post is about Urban Jungle Bloggers' topic "Plant shelfie".

So this shelf is perfect for the plants as it is next to a window. A plant person can never have too much space for plants, so I'm real happy about this one now. At the moment there are echeveria, myrsine (Myrsine africana), hyacinth (Hyacinthus orientalis), geranium-leaf aralia (Polyscias ) and two felt bushes (Kalanchoë beharensis). Love them all 

Here is my previous UJB post, Marsala plants & flowers.

Have a good weekend all!

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4 kommenttia

  1. Ihana! Mullakin ois just sopiva tila tollaselle hyllylle. Mulla oli sohva aiemmassa asunnossa keittiössä ja se oli jotenkin niin luksusta. Siinä oli just parasta lojua ja ajatella. Ja jotenkin kaikki aina valuivat sinne juttelemaan. Hyvä plääni sulla! :)

    1. Kuulostaa niiiin mun unelmalta! Enää tarvitaan vaan isompi keittiö :)

  2. Ihana hylly ja mua niin harmittaa, ettei vapaata seinätilaa löydy tuollaiselle kaunottarelle :/ Pitänee vissiin rakentaa isompi talo ;D

    1. Jep, myös mun täytyy saada isompi talo, että saan isomman keittiön, että saan sen sohvan sinne :)


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